Principles of a Just Divestment from Fossil Fuels 

Presenters: Svan Mura of the NJ Student Sustainability Coalition, Mira Eashwaran and Alex Norbrook of Sunrise Princeton, and Tina Weishaus of Divest NJ

This workshop will center on campaigns for divestment from fossil fuels. This includes the work of the Divest NJ Coalition to rid fossil fuel investments from the state pension fund and university campus-based campaigns to divest endowments from fossil fuels. This workshop will broaden your understanding of opportunities for divestment at the personal and institutional levels and will give you an opportunity to get plugged into ongoing divestment campaigns, 

Winning progressive climate and “squeaky clean” energy legislation in NJ:

Presenters: John Aspray of Food & Water Watch, Nicky Sheats of the NJ Environmental Justice Alliance, and Dave Pringle of Empower NJ

Will include an overview of current priority bills, our strategy/theory of change, and how we’re organizing this year to win. This workshop will also discuss the false climate solutions and the fossil fuel industries' greenwashing and misinformation campaigns seeking to block a just transition in order to perpetuate polluter profits.

Front line unity to stop fossil fuels and transform the extraction economy in New Jersey:

Presenters: Chloe Desir of the Ironbound Community Corporation, Jimmy Lee of the Tunrpike Trap Coalition and Hudson County Complete Streets, Owl of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation, Janice Roots of Salem City, and Kate Delany and Sam DiFalco of Food & Water Watch

Featured front line fights will include the PVSC power plant and the fight for clean air in Newark, the fight for clean water that is affordable, locally owned and democratically controlled in New Jersey, the fight against highway expansion and for affordable, modern and accessible public transit powered by clean renewables, and the ongoing fight against Gibbstown LNG and the emerging fight against the MACH2 Hydrogen Hub.